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Anthropometric Test Devices - advanced Pedestrian Legform Impactor

    Basic model data
  • Cellbond aPLI SBL-A
  • No. Nodes: ca. 211.000
  • No. Elements: ca. 251.000
  • No. PIDs: ca. 500
  • Timestep: 0.5 µs
  • LS-DYNA-Version: R9.0.1
  • Pamcrash: 2018.0
  • ABAQUS: 6.13.4
  • RADIOSS: R2017.2.3
    Validation Tests
  • Material tests, strain rates 0 - 300
  • Inhouse testing for assembly groups / parts
  • Bone stiffness
  • Springs, wires
  • GVTRv0 at 40 km/h in 0° / -30° / +30°
    Model development
  • In cooperation between ATD-Models and hardware developer Cellbond
  • Simulative, virtual analysis of hardware build levels
  • Virtual testing of build levels


    Dummy development
  • Prestress in thorax and joint bumpers
  • Bones in relevant parts deformable
    The Hybrid-III / THOR Dummies
  • H350, H305, H395, TR50, TR05, HPM
  • Session files for Animator and Generator
  • Example simulation for dummy positioning
  • Example simulation for seating
  • Stable and fast implementation
    Key customers list
  • Audi AG, BMW AG, Daimler AG, Porsche AG
  • Volkswagen AG, OPEL, MAN, TESLA
    Model in the simulation codes


ATD MODEL of the SAE J826 H-Point Manikin

ATD-HPM is a messure device, which is created with a special modeling techniques and therefore represents a very realistic virtual model.

Applications are for example finite element simulations for seat setups and dummy positions e.g. backset for whiplash. The ATD-HPM provides the hardware constellations white pans and red pans.

  • Realistic Implementation of the geometry and mass distribution of the hardware manikin
  • Preprocessor dialog for calibration according to the scales on the hardware
  • Detailed Implementation of the setup scales, which allows easy comparing to readings on hardware
  • Two models according to hardware are available:
    • ATD-HPM with white pans
    • ATD-HPM with red pans


  • ATD-Models GmbH
  • Internet:


  • 数模软件(上海)有限公司
  • 电话:+86 21 6222 3610
  • 传真:+86 21 6222 3611
  • E-mail: market [at] gns-china [dot] com
  • Internet:

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